Make every shutter click count towards capturing an everlasting portrait, that brings you back to that moment in time. 

Hello, I am Kirsten.

My Name is Kirsten Lynch, I am a professional photographer located in Ardmore Alberta! I recently got my accreditation for Environmental Portraits through the Professional Photographers of Canada! I specialize in Family & Kids as well as Weddings!

Photography is about more than just photos to me, its about capturing the moments of love, laughter, and happiness! It's about sharing your story through someone else's eyes.

There is just something about being able to capture such a precious moment that made me hooked on photography. I want you to be able to look at my photos and be reminded about how wonderful of a person you are, how amazing of a family you have, and how much love surrounds you.

My sessions are not just point and shoot, I let kids be kids and capture families the way they are! You smile and have fun and let me snap away!

"Carpe Diem"

—Gabriel S.

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